Terms & Conditions

Please note CCTV in operation, in both indoor arenas, car park and stables.

Please check our weekly Facebook posts to see what is available to hires.    (please note its not advisable to book to far in advance)

  • Please POO PICK the arenas during and after use (we prefer if you take a small amounts of surface over leaving poo in the arena)
  • No Lunging permitted
  • Be courteous to riders in the other arena
  • Please report any damage
  • Show Jump Hires
    • please use “training poles” as trot/canter poles they should be available in the school when only the Solway ShowJumps are up
    • please check distances in grids and doubles before jumping
    • please don’t move fences (apart from if sorting distances for pony/horse etc)
  • LIGHTS – are beside the poles racks on the left hand side as you enter the indoor arenas. Please TURN ALL lights off when you are finished.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend all bookings.

We hope you enjoy your hire.

Any issues please contact Sarah on 07590727818