At Netherton we run monthly dressage competitions both Affiliated and Unaffiliated. We also host the Scottish Winter Regionals in February 2024.

For full details see our events on Horse Monkey and British Dressage Schedules on the BD website.


October Friday 27th and Saturday 28th Affiliated, Sunday 29th Quest and Unaffiliated.

November Friday 17th and Saturday 18th Affiliated, Sunday 19th Quest and Unaffiliated.

December Friday 15th and Saturday 16th Affiliated, Sunday 17th Quest and Unaffiliated.


January Friday 26th and Saturday 27th Affiliated, Sunday 28th Quest and Unaffiliated.

February Sunday 18th – Quest and Unaffiliated.

February Monday 19th – Affiliated

February Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th – BD Winter Regionals

March Saturday 23rd – Quest and Unaffiliated. Sunday 24th and Monday 25th – Affiliated

April Friday 26th and Saturday 27th – Affiliated. Sunday 28th – Quest and Unaffiliated.

May Saturday 25th – Quest and Unaffiliated. Sunday 26th and Monday 27th – Affiliated.

June Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd – Affiliated. Sunday 23rd –  Quest and Unaffiliated.

CLINICS – Held monthly with:

Debby Lush – please email dressage@nethertonequestrian.co.uk for details. 31st Nov/1st Dec,  20th/21st Dec.

Harry Payne – details and book in on Horse Monkey. 1st Nov, 22nd Nov and 12th Dec.

Charlie Hutton – details and book in on Horse Monkey. 27th Nov and 18th Dec.

If you need any further information please contact Joanna Wilkie on 07801 418681 or email dressage@nethertonequestrian.co.uk